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Sailing Programs For Women and Girls

Pink Ribbon Regatta

For more than a decade every October, the LPWSA has held the Pink Ribbon Regatta, one of the year’s biggest fundraising events on Lake Pontchartrain. In collaboration with North Sails, Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company, and local businesses, this fun regatta has raised over $50,000 for breast cancer research and quality of life projects.


In 2016, the Lake Pontchartrain Women's Sailing Association was the first sailing club in the Gulf Coast region to offer AdventureSail®, a sailing-based mentor program for at-risk girls between the ages of 9 to 14. Through assistance from various local and national organizations including the New Orleans Yacht Club, U.S. Sailing, Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company, and the national Women’s Sailing Association, the LPWSA has taken over 40 girls sailing on Lake Pontchartrain as part of the AdventureSail® Program. The LPWSA is encouraging other Gulf Coast sailing organizations to start their own AdventureSail® programs.

Knot Tea Party

A popular event among the LPWSA is the annual Knot Tea Party. Members have the opportunity to practice basic knots commonly used in sailing, as well as, add a selection of advanced knots to their repertoire. In addition members discuss the most appropriate knot for various situations, all over a cup of tea and light refreshments.

L.A.S.T. (Learn About Sailing Things)

The LPWSA hosts a variety of monthly educational workshops to help women and girls learn the foundational skills of sailing. Workshop topics have including Global Positioning Systems (GPS) operation, man overboard (MOB) demonstrations, hands-on sail trimming, and emergency scenarios response.

Friday Night Flying Scots

In partnership with the Southern Yacht Club, the LPWSA offers a weekly event for women and girls to experience the joy of one-design racing on a Flying Scot. The Friday Night Flying Scots series is an excellent opportunity for new sailors to become acquainted with the sport of sailing in a fun and casual setting.