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Twilight Racing

Each Wednesday night from March through October, we make every attempt to match crew to boats racing in the Twilight series and other regattas.
Here are some tips to getting on a boat. First our members get a preference. Consider joining to go to the top of the list.

1. Bring your own life jacket -- We suggest everyone we send out wear a life jacket. We are not responsible for providing your safety gear (or assuring your safety for that matter). And a skipper may appreciate not having to dig around the bilge for a life jacket that is just your size. Non-marking, non-skid shoes, clothes appropriate to the weather and the activity of sailing (no evening gowns -- really), sailing gloves and dry bags are useful too.
2. Be ready to go -- Most of the boats take some effort to get ready. Crew should be willing to help get the boat set up and out of the slip. When we match you with a boat, go to the boat right away.
3. If you come in a group, split up -- two is considered a crowd on a boat looking for one. Three is a mob on almost any boat. There are a few big boat that may occasionally take more than three. In other words, if you want to sail with all your friends, you may have better luck going in together to buy your own boat. Split up then enjoy comparing your experiences post-race over a burger and beverage. You are much more likely to get a spot without an entourage.
4. Light wind, less need for crew -- most skippers will be looking for crew when the wind is honking. If the wind is light there may not be a need for the extra weight. The committee boat is a fine place to get a taste of what you will experience if you don't get on a boat. They often need a hand.
5. If you have experience -- let us know, especially if the wind is light. Some skippers will only take experienced crew.
6. Agree to our terms and give us your contact info -- While sailing is a relatively safe activity, racing adds a substantial level of risk. You will be asked to sign a waiver. We require a contact phone or email for you. The contact will only be used for LPWSA sailing related events or opportunities for crewing.
7. Have fun.