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A Knotty Event for Sailors

The Knot Tea Party is one of popular event among LPWSA members. Knot-tying is a key skill in sailing. This event offers members the opportunity to learn what different sailing knots should look with the guidance from seasoned sailors. Common knots covered include:

  • Bowline
  • Figure-Eight Knot
  • Clove Hitch
  • Sheet Bend
  • Half Hitch
  • Cleat Hitch
  • Rolling Hitch

The Knot Tea Party is also a chance for experienced sailors to add a selection of advanced knots to their repertoire. In addition members discuss the most appropriate knot for various situations, all over a cup of tea and light refreshments.

Check out the Lake Pontchartrain Women's Sailing Association Facebook page to learn when the next Knot Tea Party will be hosted.