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L.A.S.T. and other sailing education opportunities


L.A.S.T. (Learn About Sailing Things) is an informal sailing study program. No membership is required for the monthly events and they are always free and open to anyone.

L.A.S.T. luminaries have included: Larry Taggart, Flying Scot national class past president; Margaret Podlich, president of BoatUS; Doris Colgate, CEO of Offshore Sailing School the "dean of women's sailing"; and Debby Grimm, Linda Newland, president of the Women's Sailing Foundation, Louise Bienvenue and Carry Berger, three notable sailors in the Gulf Coast area. 

For information on the L.A.S.T. program check our Meetup page.
Extended L.A.S.T. — Safe Sail March 4 @ 3:00
in cooperation with Mardi Gras Race Week at New Orlean Yacht Club

Uh-Oh scenarios — round table moderator US Coast Guard, District Eight Command Center Chief, Lieutenant Sharon D. Mezulis  What would you do when things go wrong? An exercise in planning, preparedness and emergency decision making.

MOB, picking up a person in the water —
Storm Trysail Foundation's, Man Over Board is a GYA recommended video followed by a round table discussion on retrieving a person from the water.

Sudden Cold Water Immersion —
moderators USCG Recreational Boating Safety Manager, Ed Huntsman and rescue swimmer, Aviation Survival Technician, 3rd Class, Josh Piasecki  Learn how to survive a cold water dip and dispel some long held myths about hyperthermia.

Safe and Legal — Vessel Safety Check overview by New Orleans Power Squadron and Sr. Agent, Rick Clark of the LA Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, Enforcement
SOS, calling for help —moderator US Coast Guard, District Eight Command Center Chief, Lieutenant Sharon D. Mezulis  Learn when to make the call and the information necessary when you request help. Practice on family radios with USCG watchstanders (just offsite) / recap with watchstanders to understand how to communicate your needs clearly.

What’s in your bag? — EPERBS, PPERBS, throw bag, gloves, batteries, electronic gear, including PFDs of all sorts.

Tips to save your back and your boat — Simple tips on throw bag, fenders, docklines and line handling.
All about the Flying Scot Rebuilding Femme Fatale
USPS New Orleans -- Boating Safety Resource Center - Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries - US Sailing - USCG Auxiliary - National Safe Boating Council - Dist. 8 USCG Recreational Boating Safety