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Sailing with Girls


"If I could sail, I would go ________."

Beginning the summer of 2016, LPWSA offered a girl's sailing school scholarship at the New Orleans Yacht Club. A lucky girl enjoyed the summer sailing camp. The summer sailing school scholarship will be offered again in 2018. Any girl who would not have a chance to attend without the financial helped, aged 7-14 is encouraged to apply by writing a short essay entiled "If I could sail, I would go ________". and submitting it with the application.


All girls who have attended an AdventureSail, and qaulify to attend sailing camp, are encouraged to apply for an LPWSA sailing school scholarship. Additionally, girls who participated in an AdventureSail and dream of hitting the high seas, can compete for a spot offered by the Women's Sailing Foundation aboard a tall ship in the summer.

Download the LPWSA sailing camp scholarship application form here.