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Welcome to the Lake Pontchartrain Women's Sailing Association



We are the women of the Lake Pontchartrain Women’s Sailing Association. We are the only sailing group for women that draw members from all the clubs on Lake Pontchartrain, as well as women who are not affiliated with any yacht club. If you are a sailor, or a wanna-be sailor, we invite you to join our club.

Our membership consists of women, mOur club boat, Flying Scot hull number 245, Femme Fataleen and juniors—anyone who shares our goal: to increase women’s participation in sailing. We hold educational sessions to help new people learn sailing skills on a monthly basis. In past years we have sponsored match racing clinics, GPS seminars, knot tying classes, and basic diesel seminars.

We also serve as Race Committee in conjunction with North Sails. For over a decade, in October, we've held our biggest fund raising event of the year, The Pink Ribbon Regatta. During this fun regatta money is raised for Breast Cancer research and quality of life projects. Proceeds from the Pink Ribbon Regatta go directly to the Louisiana Breast and Cervical Health Program.

Additionally, in 2016, we were the first sailing club to offer an AdventureSail in the Gulf Coast. We hope to continue hosting the sail for young, at-risk girls and encourage other Gulf Coast sailing organizations to start their own AdventureSail programs.

 Through our web of relationships, we have placed scores of men and women on sailboats as crew. Some made new friends, and some became valuable crew. Some even bought their own boats, putting more sailors on the water. We also partnered with the SYC Scot fleet offering weekly opportunities for women to experience the low key, fun Flying Scot Friday night race series. This is how we increase our numbers, one sailor at a time.

In 2014 we christened a club boat, Femme Fatale, a 54-year-old Flying Scot which members lovingly rebuilt. With the help of North Sails, Sintes Boat Works, Flying Scot Foundation and many other generous individual and group donors, the old boat looks and works like new.

If you would like to join us for a sail, contribute to the boat's continual maintenance or join the club and be checked out to take her for a sail contact us.

We invite anyone who shares our goals to participate in our activities and join our club. Membership is $75 per year, $25 for juniors.

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